LEG WORK: Yoga Moves to Strengthen Your Stems

Here are some yoga movements for developing strong and flexible legs. These shapes focus on the inner and outer thighs, but as a group, they also give your abdominals, arms, and glutes some attention as well.

Fully Equipped: Leg Workouts You Can Do Outside The Gym

Here’s an equipment-free leg workout that builds strength and muscle tone. All you need is your own body weight for resistance. For safety measures, make sure that you have something to lean on, like a chair nearby. Good luck! Try to do all three rounds!

The 5 Best Post-Cycle Stretches

Stretching is also important after our bike workouts. It can help us reap the benefits of exercising and prevent muscle soreness and injury. Read on for the best stretches for cyclists after a long ride

Fun Couples Workout Ideas

A couple’s workout can really boost your mood, burn some calories and add some fun to your relationship. Moving together can open up communication and invoke trust, respect and motivation.

Debunking the Deadlift – A Complete Guide

Have you heard of deadlifting? Maybe you’ve seen a couple guys do it at the gym, or maybe in your local Strength & Conditioning class, but aren’t sure what to do or how to do it? Let’s debunk the deadlift together!

Pilates Vs Yoga: What’s The Difference?

There have been a slew of recent articles discussing the virtues of yoga versus Pilates to help people choose which of these mind body disciplines they might want to practice. Why choose? Let’s take a look at not only their differences, but how they complement one other.

10 Weight Loss Tips From a Personal Trainer

How many times do you see unrealistic articles flying around the internet that guarantee weight loss in just 21 days, or a detox to magically melt away cellulite? The fact of the matter is: there is no magic pill for weight loss. What does exist is evidence-based proof of strategies that allow you to adopt a sustainable and effective approach to lose weight for the long-term.

The Ultimate HIIT Workout to Take to the Beach

I love getting outdoors and down to the beach for my workouts. There is something so peaceful about sitting on the beach after training and reflecting on your day and your killer workout.


Summer is here and in full force! Get ready to rock your shortest shorts with 5 moves that’ll kick your booty and legs into high gear. For the purpose of this workout, I used 10lb dumbbells and 26lb kettlebells, but this will depend on you and your personal fitness level.

3 Ballet Moves You Can Do At Home

Barre (pronounced “bär”) classes promise an added fitness challenge including a heavy focus on the legs, glutes, and core. Ballet-inspired workouts are a great way to develop lean muscle mass while improving your balance, flexibility, and range of motion, as well as a great way to build up core strength, sculpt the entire body, or just break up a training rut. Whatever the reason, prepare to work! Barre classes have a way of targeting muscles like never before. Ready to give it a try? Here are 3 moves you can do in the privacy of your own home, so go ahead and embrace your inner ballerina!

Jump Roping

4 Reasons to Take Up Jump Roping

While there are several reasons why jump roping can be beneficial to your fitness and health, here’s just 4 reasons why you should invest in a jump rope of your own