4 Reasons to Take Up Jump Roping

We’ll admit that jumping rope is something we gave up upon graduating elementary school.  As much fun as we had skipping rope around the playground, or partaking in marathon games of “double-dutch,” there’s something about jumping rope that feels juvenile.  So like most things from our childhood days, we gave up jump rope for more “serious” athletics and workout routines.

But upon looking at the actual benefits of regularly jumping rope, not to mention the relative ease it holds as a portable piece of fitness equipment, we’ve changed our serious ways in favor of this fun activity that can burn some serious calories!

So while there are several reasons why jump roping can be beneficial to your fitness and health, here’s just 4 reasons why you should invest in a jump rope of your own…

Vintage Jump Rope

1. Jumping Rope for 30 minutes can burn over 330 calories.
This can be broken up into 3 ten minute increments throughout the day.  And there’s nothing like a quick jump session to boost your energy during a mid-day slump!

2. Varying your jump can help tone your butt and legs.
Try switching between jumps with your feet together and jumps with one foot in front of the other.  You can also try jumps that move forward and back.  To help with stamina, you can also switch between reps of faster single jumps and slower double jumps (with a small jump between each time you jump the rope.

3.  A jump rope is one of the least expensive pieces of workout equipment to own and it can easily be stashed in your purse!
It’s kind of a no-brainier and is the perfect workout accessory for girls on the go!

4.  Most importantly…It’s fun!
There’s no reason why working out has to be serious.  Channel your inner third grader and enjoy getting a jump on fitness!