Fun Couples Workout Ideas

A couple’s workout can really boost your mood, burn some calories and add some fun to your relationship. Moving together can open up communication and invoke trust, respect and motivation.  A great routine will challenge you and bring you closer together at the same time.

Wall sits | Fabletics Blog

“I’ve got your back”

It’s the classic wall sit, only you and your partner are each other’s stability.

Stand back to back and walk your feet out, lowering your bodies in to a sitting position. Be sure to stay as close to a 90 degree angle between your knee and ankle. Don’t forget to communicate here, you’ll need to know when it’s time to rise or prepare to tumble. Challenge each other to work through the burn. Not only is this an exercise for the legs, but it’s a fantastic exercise for communication between you and your partner.

high fives | Fabletics Blog

“High 5’s”

Both you and your partner are in a plank position facing each other about arms distance apart.  Reach out with your right, you partner reaches out with their left and shake hands or high five.  Repeat on the other side.  Cheer each other on here to continue the planks as long as you can. This is an amazing  exercise for your core but also great for teamwork and support.

“Higher 5’s”

Add some intensity by starting in a full arm plank, with palms of hands under shoulders.  Add a pushup then your high 5.

rotating squats | Fabletics Blog

“1 arm rotating squats”

Start facing each other. With your right arm, grab your partners left forearm.  Sit down into a squat position and then rotate away from each other from the waist up to activate the abs and obliques.  This is a full body movement that also demands lots of trust.

Lunges | Fabletics Blog

“1 arm lunges”

Start facing each other. Step back in to a lunge position using opposite legs.  With your right hand, hold your partner’s left and lunge simultaneously.  Holding hands will help keep your form upright and facing each other will challenge you both to push for more repetitions.

“2 arm jump lunges”

This is the same setup as the 1 arm lunge, but now with both hands. You’ll have to work on timing to jump and switch to the other leg together.

pushups | Fabletics Blog

“Who needs a wall push-ups”

You have your partner to support you. Your partner will face away from you and you’ll kick your legs up to a handstand position.  Your partner can hold your ankles for a little tricep work while you do your best at doing some pushups here.  If nothing else, this is just good clean fun.

wheelbarrow | Fabletics blog

“Pumped up wheelbarrow”

Just like grade school! With your hands under your shoulder and, your partner will grab your ankles.  Try some wide arm pushups or bring the elbows in for some tricep pushups.

“Wheelbarrow with rotations”

The set up is just like the wheelbarrow, but hold tight while your partner rotates 1 arm up to the sky.

Planks | Fabletics Blog

“Hop over the plank”

You guessed it; you jump over your planking partner.  Who will tire first here?

Squat challenge | Fabletics blog

“Squat challenge”

Can you squat with your partner on your back?  This is a challenge indeed. Make sure your back and your knees are up for it.

Have fun and be creative with your movement.  You and your buddy will be giggling the entire workout and be done before you know it.

-Tracie Kivisto, Fabletics Master