LEG WORK: Yoga Moves to Strengthen Your Stems

Here are some yoga movements for developing strong and flexible legs. These shapes focus on the inner and outer thighs, but as a group, they also give your abdominals, arms, and glutes some attention as well. As a teacher for Yoga For My Homies in Honolulu, it is important for me to give options for all body types and levels of experience; I like to appeal to those who may be intimidated by the traditional yoga environment. So, as my newest yoga homies, take either option in these postures, modify if you need to and remember that it is all unfolding as it should. Breathing is key….and a smile always helps!

Yoga inspired workout

Awkward Airplane

  • Starting in table-top (on hands and knees), pull long through your spine and pull your belly button up towards the sky without rounding your back.
  • Trying not to shift your shoulders, take your right leg out to the side, parallel to the ground (or rest foot on the floor) while maintaining energy behind the knee and out the sole of the foot.
  • For increased intensity, add the left arm out to the side, parallel to the ground.

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  • Start in a low lunge with your front knee not moving past the ankle.
  • Slowly lower your elbows without letting your front knee fall open to the side. If elbows do not touch the ground, no worries, just hover the elbows and only go as far down as the inside elbow wants to go.
  • If you have more room, tuck your back toes, lift the back knee, slide the knee back, then set knee and toes back down on the ground.

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Yoga workout | Fabletics blog

Deep Goddess Squat

  • Start in a wide stance with heels in and toes pointing out at an angle.
  • Inhale, and on your exhale bend your knees (tracking the knees the same direction as your toes), moving your tailbone straight down towards the ground until the top of your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • As you hold here for 3-5 slow breaths, keep the knees pressing open instead of letting them collapse inward.

Yoga Lunges

Wide-Leg Forward Fold with Side Lunge

  • Standing with legs wide and toes pointing straight ahead, fold from the waist until your spine is parallel to the ground.
  • Bend your right knee, keeping your spine parallel to the ground and your left leg straight.
  • Switch the legs, so that the left knee is bent and right leg is straight and repeat as many times as you like.
  • For added intensity, move the arms out like wings parallel to the ground and keep them there as you move from side to side.

Yoga side planks

Side Plank Variation

  • Starting in a low lunge on your left side, bring your right hand down to the ground, turn yourself towards the front knee, swiveling onto the pinky side of your right foot. Your left arm can extend parallel to the ground.
  • Press into the sole of the left foot, the pinky edge of the right foot and the right palm to lift the hips towards the sky as your reach the left arm up and over.

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– Courtney Wexler, Fabletics Master