Fully Equipped: Leg Workouts You Can Do Outside The Gym

Here’s an equipment-free leg workout that builds strength and muscle tone. All you need is your own body weight for resistance. It’s also a freestanding routine, so no need to pull out your Fabletics yoga mat. For safety measures, make sure that you have something to lean on, like a chair nearby. Good luck! Try to do all three rounds!


20 Squats: Feet shoulder width or wider, sit your butt back (ideally until your thighs are parallel to the floor), hinge your torso forward so your chest, shoulders, knees and feet are aligned if you look from the side. Knees should NOT pass your toes.

10 Jump Squats: Go for height and land softly.

20 Plie Squats: Feet wide (outside of shoulder width) and pointed out, but in line with your knees, torso is nice and tall.

20 Releves (tip toes) while holding a low plie squat.

10 Jump Plie Squats: Go for height and land softly.

20 Straight to Curtsy Lunges: Start on your right leg. Imagine you’re standing on a clock with your front foot on the center of the clock face. Your rear leg (left) will be at the 5 o’clock position for the first (straight) lunge, then the 7 o’clock for the 2nd (curtsy) lunge. Weight should be even on both legs. Trying to use your front leg to do all the work without your knee passing your toes. Repeat (with left leg starting).

40 Straight Calf Raises (with your toes on a step so you can have a stretch on the way down). You can break this up in sets if you can’t make it in one set.

Do Three Rounds.

Good luck sitting and getting up the next two days. You’ll hate me then love me!

– Cesar Cipriano, FL2 Master