Tasty Recipe Alert: Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars

It’s high pumpkin season and we’re definitely not complaining about it. From PSLs to pies and muffins, we can’t get enough of this vitamin-filled squash. Here’s a healthy and delicious Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oatmeal Bar recipe from Becky LaChance.

A Super Delicious, Superfood Pudding With Chia Seeds

When you think of “pudding,” you probably think of something pretty delicious, but also full of empty calories. Well, think again, because we infused this recipe with one of our favorite superfoods, chia seeds!

Suja Juice Cleanse

With the start of the new year, we’re all looking for ways to detox and press reset. Whether it’s to drop some holiday weight or break unhealthy habits, a juice cleanse is a great place to start. In the spirit of healthy resolutions, the Fabletics social media team traded solid food for a three-day juice cleanse courtesy of our friends at Suja Juice. Here’s what we experienced.

What to Eat to Enhance Your Yoga

We all know that sweating it out in yoga class is a great way to relieve stress and build strength, but what you might not know is that yoga’s sister practice—Ayurveda—could take your yoga to the next level. Lesser known outside of India, Ayurveda extends beyond the mat into every aspect of daily life, including mindfulness, meditation, cleanses and food.

An A-Z of Spring Fruits & Veggies

Warm sun, clear blue skies, flowers blooming… It must be spring! Nothing makes me happier than the feeling of a renewed, fresh start, including all the plant foods we get to enjoy during this time. Your next trip the farmers market—with reusable bags in tow—will be even better with the plethora of in-season fruits and vegetables available, just waiting to be made into delicious healthy and hydrating meals! See below for some of my faves and a few recipe ideas to make with them!

5 Quick Healthy & Easy To Make Post Workout Snacks

This year we are going to be lean, green workout machines! With fitness resolutions in full gear, we need to start thinking about post-workout fuel to keep our bodies running smoothly. After weight lifting and high-impact workouts, our muscles need protein and sustenance to rebuild. Take a look at our tasty and healthy on-the-go treats that will help you transition from the studio to the streets.

A Note From Kate Hudson: Summer Salads

The farmer’s markets are filled with great seasonal produce all summer long, and I like to take advantage by incorporating as much of it as possible into my meals. Two of my favorite summer salads take just minutes to make and feature delicious fresh ingredient

3 Green and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! In the spirit of all things green, we’ve come up with 3 delicious smoothie recipes packed with good-for-you ingredients. Whip one up for a healthy meal on-the-go!

The One Super Food You Should Try Now

Give your lunch salad an update by incorporating much-buzzed about super food, chia seeds. They’re high in Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, great for reducing inflammation, and antioxidants, to protect your body from free radicals, among other benefits. We gave this super food a try by using it as a salad topping and in a homemade dressing recipe.