5 Vitamins That Boost Your Energy

As I sit here eating my oatmeal with peanut butter and a cup of coffee (of course), I realize that not many people are aware of the vitamins that they can take to boost their energy.  As with most things, it’s always best to go for the original and natural source, in this case healthy foods.  However, sometimes our diet doesn’t allow us to get the vitamins we need so that’s when supplements may be the answer.

From caffeine to B-12, check out the list below to find out what you should add to your routine to pump up your energy.

Caffeine:  That cup of coffee I was talking about does wonders when needing an energy boost.  Caffeine not only supplies that pick-me-up in the morning and afternoon, it also revs up your metabolism.  Reach for a cup of joe or green tea if you can.  For a lighter cup, sweeten it with Stevia or a splash of fat-free milk or almond milk.

Vitamin B-12:  This energy-inducing vitamin can be found in meat, fish, dairy and eggs, so vegans may need to use supplements containing the vitamin to curb any vitamin B-12 deficiency.  It also provides a boost to your digestive system, in addition to higher energy levels.

Vitamin B-6:  Not only does this vitamin in the B family also boost energy, but it also supplies greater mental clarity and a stronger nervous system.  Foods high in vitamin B-6 include nuts, fish and pork.  Make sure to include this vitamin into your diet in order to help your brain, nervous system and immune system.

Folic Acid (B-9):  A popular supplement for pregnant women, Folic Acid can aid in anyone’s energy levels.  Deficiency in folate can lead to anemia in adults, so make sure to add food sources like beans, spinach and avocado to your diet – three of the highest vitamin B-9 foods.

Thiamine (B-1):  Supporting your major organs in addition to curbing your fatigue, Thiamine is an essential vitamin you don’t want to overlook.  It takes sugar and converts it into energy, which can help prevent spikes in your blood sugar and help you pull the energy from the foods you’re eating.  You can find this vitamin in fish, seed, nuts and asparagus.

*Remember to check with your doctor first before adding over the counter supplements to your diet.

Mary Catherine Holcomb, Fabletics Master