10 Must-Try Exotic Snacks from Around the World

In Belgium, people adore spiced speculoos cookies and fries with mayonnaise. In Thailand, they absolutely love fresh fruit and in France, there’s even a word for the joy of afternoon snacking: le goûter. It’s fair to say that snacking and traveling go hand in hand, but most of the time you don’t get to enjoy exotic snacks unless you’re on vacation. That’s where Try the World comes in! Our new VIP wellness partner, their curated boxes let you get a taste of the world without ever leaving the comfort of home. With that in mind, here’s their helpful guide to 10 (unexpectedly) delicious snacks from all around the world:


1. Chile: Chiloe Chips
Created in Chile’s archipelago of Chiloé, this all-natural, vegan snack transforms a variety of exotic potatoes into a colorfully crunchy assortment.


2. Finland: Dried Cranberries
Harvested in Finland’s forests, these sweet and sour berries are not only delicious but also super rich in immune-boosting antioxidants.


3. Thailand: Banana Chips
Made from golden hom thong bananas grown in Thailand, this crispy treat is finished with an incredibly distinctive sriracha flavor.


4. Italy: Crunchy Pistachio Snack
A perfect blend of sweet and salty, this all-natural snack is enjoyed by Italians at any time of day.


5. Greece: Breadsticks
Made with yogurt, sesame and poppy seeds, this Greek snack is so good, you won’t be able to eat just one (we guarantee it).


6. Korea: Sweet Potato Sticks
One of Korea’s favorite (and most abundant) ingredients transformed into the perfect snack, these sticks also happen to be a sustainably produced source of vitamin A.


7. France: Apple Raspberry Fruit Stick
Made with 100% fruit using a unique technology that perfectly retains their extract, this healthy choice is a favorite throughout France.


8. The UK: Wasabi Popcorn
This unforgettable blend of Asian flavors and American traditions is surprisingly made (and definitely enjoyed) in the UK.



9. Canada: Moka Moments Fruit Mix
Grown in a quaint Canadian town that prides itself on rich soil and pure water, these berries are hand-harvested and dried to retain their incredible texture.


10. Japan: Choco Corn
This light snack, made from corn flour and fortified with calcium and fiber, is loved by Japanese children and adults alike.


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