Yoga Pants FAQ: All Your Questions, Answered!

Comfortable, stylish, breathable and flexible – yoga pants come in a variety of styles and materials. While primarily used for yoga, pilates and stretching, they can do a little bit of everything including acting as a loungewear staple for your day to day activities. Our goal with this article is to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about yoga pants. Let’s get into it!

What are yoga pants?

Yoga pants are a type of specialized sportswear dedicated to practicing yoga. The first yoga pants were a mix of nylon and Lycra. Of course, yoga pants exploded in popularity after their introduction to the world and they quickly became the go-to for everything from running to brunch dates.

Today, there are many types of yoga pants made with performance materials designed to provide moisture-wicking, compression, and odor reduction.

What to wear with yoga pants

Yoga pants aren’t just reliable activewear; they’re also perfectly suitable for activities outside of the gym. They’re the perfect companion for a long plane flight and an unexpected but charming addition to your date-night outfit. Truly, leggings are a fashion tour de force.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing a shirt and sweatshirt over a pair of yoga pants for the ultimate lazy day look. But if you’re looking for a way to elevate your leggings, consider pairing yoga pants with a cozy sweater and an oversized denim jacket. To keep it cool and casual, add white sneakers.

Catching dinner with friends? Choose darker leggings, a tunic shirt, and a leather jacket with ankle booties. Layers are your best friend when it comes to dressing up a basic pair of leggings.

And for a lunch date, throw on some over-the-knee boots with a longline cardigan and t-shirt for an easy, casual vibe.

How to style yoga pants

Styling yoga pants properly depends on the nature of the event or activity you’re embarking on. 

To style yoga pants for a workout at the gym, add a matching sports bra to your look. You can also invest in a matching workout outfit to give you an extra boost of confidence.

If you’re taking leggings out of their traditional athletic environs, get creative with your styling. In the past, leggings were considered too casual for most occasions. And, to be fair, there are still events where you should keep your leggings in the drawers. For instance, unless a wedding is leggings-themed, you probably still need to bring your A-game with a nice dress, suit, or business casual outfit for a friend or family member’s nuptials.

With that said, a simple way to level up your leggings for a day out is to focus on adding polish. Since your leggings are casual, opt for a more formal top and a structured jacket. Finish the look with the right shoes: pointed-toe flats, heels, or commit to the athleisure aesthetic with classic white sneakers.


What is the difference between yoga pants and leggings?

Yoga pants and leggings are often used interchangeably. In general, however, true yoga pants are constructed from a thicker material that’s both flexible and moisture-wicking. Pilates, running, gym workouts, and yoga are all great activities to take on in a pair of yoga pants.

In contrast, leggings are usually made to wear under your clothes, either for warmth or comfort. Before leggings became a fashion staple, they were traditionally only worn as long johns. They’re usually more delicate and made for lounging.

With that said, leggings and yoga pants are often one and the same these days.

Where to buy yoga pants

Not all yoga pants are created equally. Considering the many places offering yoga pants, you might be confused about where to start. Well, you’re already in the right place.

We’re a bit biased, but we’d have to say that Fabletics is the best place to find cute, affordable yoga pants and activewear.

Who invented yoga pants?

While the practice of yoga itself originated from India, the yoga pants we’ve come to know and love today are traditionally accredited to Chip Wilson.

How to dress up yoga pants

Believe it or not, yoga pants can easily be dressed up. You can go for tight on top and bottom with a form-fitting crop top with your yoga pants, or a soft and flowy blouse for a contrasting silhouette. An oversized but structured jacket is another simple way to dress up yoga pants.

How to style flared yoga pants

Flared yoga pants were one of the first styles to appear on the market. They’ll always be a classic and styling them isn’t complicated. A crop top, cardigan, or oversized sweatshirt are all great options to complement your flared yoga pants.

If you want a more upscale look, a form-fitting blouse or blazer on top will help elevate your outfit.

For shoes, you can opt for combat boots for something funky. Otherwise, sneakers, ankle boots, or mules are also great options.

What are yoga pants made of?

Original yoga pants are made from nylon and Lycra. But these days, you’ll find a lot more variety. 

Fabletics yoga pants are engineered with premium performance fabrics. We offer a range of compression levels in our core line of fabrics: PowerHold®, Motion365, SculptKnit, PureLuxe, and Seamless. 

What kind of underwear do you wear with yoga pants?

Nobody wants to advertise their panty lines to the entire gym or grocery store, but it can be hard to figure out what undergarments won’t show under your leggings.

Since yoga pants are tight on your body, it’s important not to wear cotton underwear, which is too thick and holds onto moisture.

Your best bet for underwear is seamless, sweat-wicking types that will stay hidden and keep you feeling comfortable all workout long.

Why are yoga pants attractive?

Yoga pants are universally flattering because they come in tons of lengths, styles, and compression levels so that you can get a personalized fit.

How to fix a hole in yoga pants

A hole in your yoga pants can put a damper on your day, especially if they’re a favorite pair. However, it’s not the end of the world. You can quickly patch a hole using iron-on fabric interfacing or use hand-stitching repair techniques.

How to stretch yoga pants

If you ever bring home a pair of yoga pants that are a tad too tight, don’t fear, there are easy DIY solutions you can try. The first method you can try to stretch out your leggings is by simply wearing them around your house for a few hours.

Another option is to forge ahead with your workout, but add in a few squats and lunges until you feel the fabric “give”.

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