Yoga Poses Guaranteed To Make You Sweat

When you think of yoga, you often think of floating on a fluffy white cloud on a clear day—calm and relaxed, but… sweaty? Ronnie Howard, Co-Founder of Vibes and Vinyasa, reminds us that yoga can be a great way to burn calories. Now, get ready to work out for that glow up with these yoga poses that will make you sweat.

It’s officially summer and that means it’s BBQ season, but grills won’t be the only thing firing up this month—this full body flow is sure to bring the heat, and you’ll never miss a beat with the convenient pockets in our best selling yoga pants for women. Before moving in this sequence, be sure to warm up with a few sun salutations.

The 5 key postures for this flow are:

  1. Chair Pose
  2. Downward-Facing Dog Split with knee drives
  3. Humble Warrior
  4. Side Plank
  5. Fallen Star


From mountain pose, inhale, reach your arms up, bend your knees, and sit hips down and back for Chair Pose. Keep arms parallel and knees squeezing together.

Exhale. Forward Fold.

Inhale. Halfway lift.

Exhale. Forward Fold, plant your hands and step or hop back to Chaturanga Dandasana.

Inhale. Upward-Facing Dog.

Exhale. Downward-Facing Dog.


Inhale. Right leg rises for Downward-Facing Dog Split.

Exhale. Drive right knee towards right elbow, look right.

Inhale. Back to Down-Dog Split.

Exhale. Drive right knee towards nose and crunch.

Inhale. Back to Down-Dog Split.

Exhale. Drive right knee towards left elbow, look left.

Inhale. Back to Down-Dog Split.

Exhale. Step right foot forward between hands, arms rise to the sky for Warrior I. Back foot should be down at a 45 degree angle.


Interlace hands behind back.

Inhale to open chest.

Exhale and bow forward inside of right knee for Humble Warrior pose.

Take a few breaths.

Inhale to come back up to Warrior I.


Exhale. Plant hands inside of right foot for a brief Lizard Lunge.

Inhale. Shift onto the outside edge of your left foot and bring the right foot to stack on top for Side Plank Pose.

Exhale. Reach the right hand to the sky while continuing to push out of the supporting left hand.

Take a few breaths here.

Inhale. Drop right hand to mat and move to High Plank.

Exhale. Downward-Facing Dog.


Take one breath in.

Exhale. Bend right knee In towards chest.

Inhale. Move right leg under body towards the left side of your mat. Left hand rises to the sky for Fallen Star Pose.

Take a few breaths.

Inhale. Left arm plants back down onto mat.

Exhale. Right leg comes back through center and steps back to Downward-Dog.

Inhale. Bend your knees, look forward.

Exhale. Hop the the top of the mat and forward fold.

Inhale. Halfway lift.

Exhale. Forward Fold.

Inhale. Arms rise to the sky, knees bend, and hips sink down and back for Chair Pose.

Exhale. Lower hands to sides and return to standing (Mountain Pose).


Repeat flow on the Left Side.