How to Pick the Best Plus Size Yoga Pants for Your Body & Needs

As the fashion world became more aware of diversity and the importance of celebrating every body shape, the selection of plus size activewear has also grown. One of the staple sportswear items for women is leggings. We created this article to help you find the best pair of plus size yoga pants for your shape and style.

In the end, not all yoga pants are the same. The cut, design, and fabric you choose will depend on factors like why you’re getting them, your body shape, and your personal taste.

The Benefit of Getting Plus Size Yoga Pants over Sweatpants

Many of us love lounging in cozy sweatpants – and nothing’s wrong with that. Hardly anything is more comfortable than a good pair of joggers.

However, if you’re looking for workout bottoms, baggy pants can make things more difficult. They get stuck in gym equipment, ride up in yoga inversions, and don’t wick moisture efficiently.

A good pair of women’s plus-size yoga pants is much more appropriate for your workouts. They are stretchy, made with breathable and supportive materials, and tight-fitting so they don’t get in your way when you’re active.

Yoga pants are also a great option for lounging, especially if you pick comfortable fabrics, like Fabletics’ Seamless collection.

How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Yoga Pants for Women

There are several things you should think about when choosing yoga pants.

The first and most important is the fabric. Classic cotton leggings might be good for layering, but they don’t give you the support and coverage you need when you squat or sweat in a hot yoga class.

Our innovative fabrics are designed to help you in your workouts. They’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and supportive. If you want something that’ll flatter your figure and keep your shape in every position, go for compressive fabrics like our PowerHold®. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something for stretching or resting, opt for softer fabrics like our PureLuxe range.

Another thing you might consider when picking a perfect pair of plus-size yoga pants is their design. You can opt for a classic black option if you want something that’s universally flattering and easy to style. If you want to express your personal style, try bolder colors and fun prints. Pair your yoga pants with a matching sports bra, and you’ll have an outfit that’ll inspire you to kill that workout with style.

How to Choose the Right Size for Your Body

Not all brands have the same measurements and cuts. That means you could get two pairs of 1X yoga pants and have one fit perfectly while the other can barely go over your thighs. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your body–a lot depends on the design of the bottoms and the fabric.

Our pants at Fabletics are true to size, and you can refer to thesize guide to find the perfect fit. The most certain way to find a perfect fit is not to use your other bottoms for comparison. Instead, compare your body measurements with those in our size guide.

Even with correct measurements, some yoga pants can simply feel unflattering for your body shape. That’s why we created a return/exchange policy to make it easy for you to exchange your pair if they don’t work for you. In the end, it’s essential to find a pair of plus size yoga pants that’ll make you look fantastic, and feel confident and comfortable.

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