Find the Best DD+ Sports Bras For Large Busts

If you feel your bust size hinders your workout, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that most women with larger busts participate in fewer activities than those with small cup sizes.

But you can still dance, run, and jump. All you need are supportive sports bras designed specifically for DD+ sizes. Here’s why and how to find a high-impact sports bra that’ll support you in your workouts.

Unique Challenges of Finding Sports Bras for Big Busts

Whether you’re going through a powerful yoga flow, running in the great outdoors, or squatting at the gym–every workout becomes more challenging without proper support.

Small-chested women can get away with nearly any type of sports bra, but that’s not true for those with DD+ busts. In this case, the bra should be able to tackle common struggles you have due to large and heavy busts. Those include bouncing, chafing, and back pain. Without proper support, your busts can weigh you down and have a negative impact on your performance–even if you’re in perfect shape.

What to Look for in a DD+ Sports Bra

Supportive sports bras are essential if you want to efficiently perform your workouts. Here are several factors you need to consider to find a perfect fit for you.


The first thing you should think about is the purpose of buying a sports bra. You don’t need the same amount of support for a restorative yoga class and a rigorous running session.

Sports bras typically come in three levels of support–low, medium, and high impact. If you have a DD+ bra size, it’s best to look for medium and high-impact sports bras for large busts.

A medium-impact sports bra is appropriate for low to medium-intensity activities, like walking, yoga, gym workouts, and cycling. They generally have a cup-less design and compress busts to restrict movement. High-impact bras can handle high-intensity workouts, like running, dancing, and plyometrics. Each cup is defined, and more consideration is taken with the design of the straps and the band.


There are two types of cups you can find in the best sports bras for large busts. These are encapsulated cups that keep your busts separated and cup-less designs that rely on compression for support. It’s important to try both designs to find what works better for you. Still, always double-check whether the bra is labeled as a medium or high impact bra.


Straps are another feature to consider when you’re getting sports bras for a DD cup. You don’t want slim, fixed straps that dig into your shoulders. Opt for designs with wide and padded straps that you can adjust to your shape.

Band and closure

Band is the most critical thing to think about when buying a sports bra for large busts. In fact, most of the support comes from the band. Pick a bra that has a wide and elastic band, which doesn’t slide up when you work out.


Make sure the bra is made with moisture-wicking fabrics. Non-breathable materials trap moisture and can cause skin irritation. Some materials offer additional benefits, like our SculptKnit fabric, which features strategically placed ventilation panels to increase breathability.


Then best plus size sports bras provide the support you need to perform your workout the best you can. They can help to prevent or at least minimize common struggles like bouncing, chafing, and bad posture. The best advice we can give you is to try a couple of different designs, including medium and high impact bras, and find which fabrics and cuts best serve your body and needs.

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