How To Wash Sports Bras – The Easy Way

If you’re wondering how often you should wash your sports bras–especially if you’ve only worn them once–you’ll benefit by learning the best laundry practices for keeping your workout apparel fresh. And although how often to wash sports bras isn’t an exact science, keeping your skin free from bacteria that can harbor in your clothes is a must for good skin health!

How Often to Wash Sports Bras

Maybe you’re wondering what really counts for a “full wear.” Perhaps you only wore your sports bra for a few hours and didn’t sweat much. Should you toss it in the laundry basket or hang it up for another wear?

You can’t see it, but your skin deposits oil, skin cells, and sweat onto the fabric of your sports bras even when you aren’t hitting the gym. You’ll want to wash your sports bra daily to remove skin debris and eliminate stains or persistent odors that can stick around on the fabric. Washing your sports bra after each use will also be taking a healthy approach since skin irritations and rashes won’t have a foothold in a freshly washed sports bra.

Machine Washing Sports Bras

Washing your sports bra in a washing machine is probably the quickest and easiest way to clean them. Here are a few added tips:

  1. Use a mesh lingerie bag so that the bra won’t get tangled with other clothes during the wash. Make sure to fasten the clasps.
  2. Read the care tag and follow the instructions.
  3. Select a delicate or normal wash setting.
  4. Use regular detergent or detergent that’s designed for performance fabrics. Avoid fabric softener, which will impair the breathability of the fabric.
  5. If your sports bra has removable pads, remove the pads and hand wash them.
  6. Hang the sports bra up to air dry or lay it flat. The high heat of dryers can degrade the elastic and fabric of your sports bra.

How to Hand Wash Sports Bras

Hand washing your sports bra may be the best way to extend its life. Instead of using washing machine detergent, opt for gentle hand soap. Washing machine detergent is also more difficult to rinse out by hand and can build residue in the fibers. Soak the sports bra in soapy water for about 20 minutes and gently scrub the fabric using your hands. After you’re finished, drain the sink and refill with cold water until all the soap is rinsed out.

How to Wash Sports Bras with Removable Pads

If you have sports bras with removable pads, take out the pads and hand wash them. You can then wash the sports bra separately in the washing machine by using a mesh lingerie bag or if you prefer, hand wash them without the pads. Choose a gentle cycle, add regular detergent or detergent that is made for performance fabrics, and wash with cold water. By washing the pads separately, you’ll be sure to remove any bacteria or yeast that’s made its way into the removable pads.

Proper Care of Sports Bras

By taking proper care of your sports bras, you’ll be extending the bra’s life while ensuring that you get the best fit and maximum comfort for a long time. Consider the aforementioned tips for washing and caring for your sports bra and remember to read the product’s care guide before washing. See you at the gym!

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