How to Wear Joggers for Men Fashionably

Joggers are perfect for lounging, but they can also be fashionable. In the past decade, they’ve become a streetwear staple. We’re seeing celebrities and influencers rocking them on their day-to-day, and even on formal occasions. But turning your men’s joggers into a fashion statement requires some effort and styling expertise.

We want to show you how to make your jogger outfit appear as an intentional, well-designed, and on-trend style. Here are some tips you can use to level up your sweatpants game.

1. You Can’t Go Wrong With Black

All-black outfits look sophisticated, flattering, and work for nearly any occasion. Make sure you have high-quality black joggers in your closet. A pair of black pants for men is what a little black dress is for women–a staple that you’ll come back to day after day.

You can dress your black joggers up or down. Pair them with a matching hoodie, a white t-shirt, and chunky sneakers for a casual streetwear look, or a polo shirt, blazer, and dressy shoes for a chic, semiformal outfit.

2. Get the Correct Fit

Not all joggers can look stylish. Like with any piece of men’s wardrobe, sweatpants have to fit you perfectly if you want to look put together. Baggy sweatpants look awesome for a casual streetwear look, but if you want to dress up, opt for slim-fit and chino designs.

Invest a bit more in your joggers to get a well-crafted and durable fabric that’ll still look as good years down the line. The more high-end fabrics also have a luxurious feel and texture, which will immediately give your look a lift.

3. Try the “High-Low” Trend

Joggers look awesome as a part of the high-low trend, which refers to combining simple clothes with high-end fashion items. The contrast between the two makes for a really cool and unique outfit, that definitely won’t go unnoticed.

For example, you can wear a simple pair of joggers and a regular t-shirt with designer shoes and a jacket. Or keep your whole outfit low-key, and spice it up with accessories, like a luxurious watch or a cashmere scarf.

4. Experiment with Footwear

Shoes can make and break an outfit–but don’t think you need to stick to a generic pair of white sneakers to make your style work (although they DO look good).

Try your joggers with all the footwear in your closet and see what works for you. Experiment with choices you’ve never thought of before, like going for a pair of formal shoes, or chunky leather boots. Mixing up your color scheme with bold colored sneakers is also a fantastic way to add personality to your outfit.

In The End, It’s All Up to You

Now, you know what to think about when you want to create a stylish jogger outfit. But these are not strict rules; they’re only to inspire you to experiment and have fun with your outfits.

With a little thought, your joggers can work for virtually any occasion–from shopping to going for a stroll in the busiest city streets, or even dinner with friends and casual business meetings.

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