5 Things You May Not Know About Fabletics Leggings

Ever wonder what our leggings are made of?  Well, we’re going to give you the straight and narrow on our best-selling bottoms—what makes them different from other brands, and the features that you should start celebrating.  It’s called a pants party for a reason!

UPF 50+

It’s like sunscreen for your pants.  All of our performance leggings are treated with a sun-protecting element, so you can work out outdoors without worrying about skin damage.


We designed our high-impact bottoms with flatlock stitching–that means, each seam is designed with your skin in mind.  Feel free to move without that dreaded friction between your legs.

All-way stretch

A 4-way stretch construction allows for full-range of movement.  Whether you’re doing downward dog on the mat or deadlifting at the gym, our easy-to-move-in leggings work for you.

Internal Pocket

Many of our leggings have pockets hidden along the waistband. You can stash money, keys, or your card during your routine.  Because that post-workout smoothie is always on our minds.


Our leggings are built with sweat-wicking fibers that repel any sweat or water that it comes in contact with.  That means you can work up a “sweat” without actually feeling it.

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