The Best Workout To Look Amazing in Leggings

If you’re anything like us, you wear leggings 90% of the time. So of course you want to rock them while looking great and feeling even greater! Here’s an awesome workout that will get you there. Complete 4 rounds, 16 reps each exercise with minimal rest.


Lateral Squat: While holding two dumbbells in the racked position, drop down into a squat, making sure your weight is shifted back on your heels. While in your deep squat, take a wide lateral step, quickly followed by the other foot, landing your feet shoulder with apart. Drive up through your heels and stand tall.

Reverse Lunge + Knee Drive: Start by taking one leg back into a reverse lunge, directly followed by driving the same knee up towards your chest, while jumping off the ground a few inches. Be sure to keep good posture and drive through your heel. Repeat on one side for all reps before switching.

Squat Jump: Starting in a standing position, go down into a squat—your weight should be shifted back on your heels, knees should NOT go past your toes and your chest should be tall. Go straight from a squat position and power through jumping into the air as high as you can go.

Band Leg Raises: Take a mini band and place it right above your knees around both legs. Engage your quad and lift one leg forward about 45 degrees and back. Then proceed with the same leg to lift laterally 45 degrees, engaging your glute. Do 8 reps in each direction on one leg and then switch and repeat.

RDL: With two dumbbells at your sides, hinge forward at the hips, keeping your arms extended and dumbbells close to your legs. Your knees can have a slight bend but should not bend much, isolating the hamstrings. It’s very important that your posture is perfect. Your back should be flat or with a slight natural curve, never rounded. Get deep into your RDL and then drive back up standing tall.