What To Look for When Buying Leggings

Finding that perfect pair of women’s leggings can be a rather daunting task. Our resident expert weighs in on the most important things to look out for when buying leggings.


Let me get to the chase here. I may not be as flexible as a rhythmic gymnast, but when I purchase leggings, they must be at least more flexible than I am.  As we age, our muscles, our skin and pretty much anything that can stretch, looses their elasticity. Leggings are pants that should not lose their form or compression. If you stretch, it stretches with you.

Leggings are built to conform and move with your body. So remember this one simple rule, leggings are supposed to be your best friend, and not your worst enemy. If it doesn’t allow you to move, stretch, try a split in yoga, then you’ve got to break up with that legging and find the right pair for you.



Why do so many women choose to wear leggings to do all their errands, workout in, and sometimes, (if they can get away with it) wear leggings to work versus any other pant that is available on the market? Because leggings are comfortable. They stretch with you, they make your butt look great, and they’re reliable. Leggings bear with you when you try things you did back in your teens and they don’t judge you. If you want to go for that crazy pose in yoga with your leg behind your head, you better make sure you’re wearing leggings!


Ask Yourself These 5 Basic Questions When Buying Leggings

  • Do they stretch with me?
  • Are they comfortable?
  • Are they stylish?
  • Are they sweat proof?
  • Do they make my butt look good?