Maternity Workout Clothes: What to Wear While Pregnant

When you’re exercising for two, it’s vital to find the right workout clothes that deliver superior comfort. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with ill-fitting attire while you contend with the less glamorous side of being a mom-to-be. With that said, your body is constantly evolving over those nine months, so keeping pace with your physical changes can be a challenge.

To handle the ups and downs of your pregnant body, it’s ideal to invest in clothes that will grow with you, so you can focus on staying stress-free and comfortable. At Fabletics, we’re proud to offer a range of maternity activewear to allow women to enjoy freedom of movement. Cute, affordable maternity workout clothes from Fabletics will help you glow from the inside out.

Maternity Activewear Purchasing Tips

Growing a new life takes a toll on your physical well-being, so your maternity activewear should have features to enhance your comfort. Maternity workout clothes should be supportive, flexible, and moisture-wicking.

In addition, breathability, compression, and extra stretchiness will go far to keep you and your bump happy throughout your pregnancy.

Maternity activewear often boasts functional features as well, like bra flaps for easy breastfeeding access.

Maternity Activewear Sizing Tips

It can be difficult—sometimes, impossible— to figure out how your baby bump will grow, so maternity sizing can be tricky to determine.

If you’re ordering online, order a few different sizes so you can ensure the best fit. And if you’re shopping in-store, try on clothes whenever possible. In some cases, you can also invest in non-maternity activewear but simply size up. This won’t work for everyone of course, but you might be surprised to learn that your favorite activewear styles can accommodate your bump.

Below, we’ve gathered some of our top picks to consider for your maternity activewear selection.

High-Waisted Leggings

As your belly grows, your favorite pair of jeans will likely stop fitting at some point. When that happens, retire those jeans for now and embrace the comfort, stretch, and freedom of leggings.

Leggings are not only an excellent option while exercising, but they’re also a great choice for everyday wear. Plus, the stretchier materials of leggings will easily flex to fit your belly and keep you secure as you grow.

When you’re browsing for leggings, choose materials that allow for airflow and wick sweat away from your body, so you can stay cool if you tend to generate extra heat.

Our favorite maternity legging style, in particular, is high-waisted leggings. These versatile pants come in at number one for style, functionality, and support.

With that said, it’s important to understand that the supportive nature and the lift that high-waisted leggings provide shouldn’t substitute for core work while you’re pregnant. Ab exercises can mitigate any back pain that occurs during pregnancy—a common issue stemming from the extra weight a baby bump brings. Excellent core strength also has the benefit of preparing you for childbirth.

Compression Shorts

When it’s too hot for leggings, it’s time to turn to athletic shorts. Shorts will help keep you extra cool and comfortable during more intense exercise sessions or in hotter temperatures.

Bike shorts with compression can also help with any pregnancy discomfort and improve blood flow while you’re exercising, sitting, or standing.

Sports Bras

As your body prepares to bring new life into the world, your breasts will grow. Choosing the right maternity sports bra can provide you with the coverage and support that you need as this process takes place.

While you might prefer a tight, extra snug fit on your regular sports bra, it’s best to choose a bra with a little give when you’re pregnant. You don’t want your movement to be overly restricted and you definitely don’t want to experience any pain from too-tight bras. It’s a good rule-of-thumb to invest in sports bras a size or two bigger than normal.

Activewear Tops

While we love a crop top pregnancy look, you might not always want to bare your belly. To get the coverage you want, look for longer tops that are stretchy so they can accommodate your bump.

Active tops with a snugger fit can also give your belly a little extra support.

Staying Active During Pregnancy

Pregnant women benefit from continuing to exercise during their pregnancy. Although the intensity and frequency might have to be altered depending on the individual and the pregnancy timeline. At Fabletics, we are proud to offer maternity workout clothes to mothers-to-be who want to stay strong and active.

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