The Best Grey Leggings for 2022

Gone are the days when leggings are only seen between the walls of a gym. Today, leggings have become the rage in fashion with a multitude of stylish options. And if you’re wondering how to make the most out of your leggings wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place for the latest “looks” to complete your outfits.

Grey Leggings: Our Best Picks For 2022





Wondering what to wear with grey leggings? Check out these pairings:

Be Fabulous with a Long Black Sweater

Pair a long black sweater with grey leggings for a casual and comfy look. You’ve got lots of options with the style of sweater you choose. You could throw on a cardigan with shiny buttons for a business casual look or choose a long black sweater dress with a background pattern for a dressier look.

Add a pair of black ankle boots to grey high waist leggings for a fun lunch outing with friends or dress it up even more with knee-high boots. Make sure your leggings fit properly–like a second skin but not restrictive–and you’ll look fabulous and feel confident!

Keep it Casual with Sneakers

Consider adding a loose-fitting white, button-down blouse with a pair of grey leggings for a clean, simple look. Your shoe choices are limitless with this style, but to keep it casual and comfy, consider wearing it with a pair of white slip-ons such as Vans. Choosing the type of fabric in your grey leggings is also a contributing factor to this look. You’ll love the cozy feeling of cotton high-waisted heathered capri. While the color is a more subtle shade of grey compared to its darker grey companions, the color complements the laidback style of this outfit.

Dress it Up With Patterns & Leather

Need a more flashy look for a night out on the town? Consider grey pattern leggings with a shiny or leather-like finish. Throw on a shimmery spaghetti top in your favorite color and complete the look with a pair of stilettos. These styles emerged as a hot fashion trend more than a decade ago and are still a popular choice. If you’re not a fan of the shiny look, grey cheetah prints and softer greyish hues in solids make for a snazzy design when paired with a cool leather jacket or fitted blazer. Make this outfit the ultimate chic, sexy attire by adding a black thigh-high boot. You’ll be turning heads for sure!

Stay in Fashion with Cropped Tops & T-shirts

Why sacrifice fashion just because you’re sweating? Indeed, you’ll want properly fitting leggings that allow you to move freely during your workouts, but stay in style with casual, yet fashionable shirt choices. Try a cropped hoodie in white or black. And if that doesn’t suit your fancy, consider a v-neck t-shirt with complementary colors or patterns. Why not pair your grey leggings with your favorite rock band t-shirt? That’ll get you in the mood for a high-intensity workout. Now, turn up the volume!

Keep Comfort and Fashion in Mind

No matter what you choose to pair your grey leggings with, keep comfort and fashion in mind when completing your look. You’ll find that the color grey is suitable with just about any other color imaginable. And creating the perfect cute outfit really comes down to your personal tastes in fashion. Enjoy the versatile fashion options that leggings offer and let your unique style shine through!

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