Cute Workout Outfits for Women: 4 Essential Outfit Ideas

Working out is non-negotiable, but fitting those workouts into an already insane schedule can be daunting. It’s not easy, but you keep at it, which is incredible!

Picking out the right workout outfits and looking cute can help to give you some extra motivation. Feeling confident with the right look might be exactly what you need to inspire you to keep going. But before we get to our cute workout outfit ideas, let’s look at general rules for styling gym outfits.

How to Style Cute Workout Outfits for Women

There are a few important considerations to make when you’re putting together a workout outfit:

  • Color me cute: Choose your colors wisely—and by wisely, we mean to go with your heart. If you’re feeling super-focused and ninja-like, go for all black. If you need a pick-me-up, go for bright pops of colors to get those senses pulsating!
  • Form and function: Remember to strike that all-important balance between form (making sure you look good) and function (making sure your outfit matches your activity).
  • Layer it up: Cute workout outfits become even more appealing when you add layers, especially during outdoor workouts and colder months. From leggings to track pants and tank tops to t-shirts and jackets, go all out on layering for a sporty, functional, and cute workout outfit.

4 Essential Women’s Workout Outfits

Now that we have our tips out of the way, it’s time for those outfit ideas! We’ve broken it down into outfits for yoga, weightlifting, running, and HIIT.

1) Cute Outfit Ideas for Yoga

Think of one word here—lithe. Being comfortable means being sleek, smooth, and supple foryoga class. Chunky, baggy, and cumbersome bind, interfere with movements, and generally turn into a huge pain. Form-fitting, functional items like leggings, bike shorts, sports bras, and tank tops are ideal.

2) Cute Outfit Ideas for Weightlifting

Here, your priority must be your range of motion. That means clothing should be lightweight and breathable to ensure that nothing restricts your movements. Of course, you’ll also get nice and sweaty—and that’s why you need those breathable fabrics, to help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable.

Pair this outfit with flat, sturdy shoes—ideally specific weightlifting shoes designed for the movements and pressures involved.

3) Cute Outfit Ideas for Running

Whether you’re on a trail, track, or the road, running requires comfort and adaptation to weather conditions. Form-fitting garments like leggings and fitted shorts are excellent—plus an extra layer depending on the weather.

The all-important element here is footwear. Make sure that your shoes are correctly fitted and appropriate for both the weather and the running surface.

4) Cute Outfit Ideas for HIIT

High intensity interval training is a lot of everything! Jumping, running, stopping, changing, skipping, sprinting, etc. You do it all, sweat a lot (and if you’re like us, probably swear you’ll never do it again too—at least until the next day).

This is one of the most effective workouts out there, and form-fitting garments that can handle a lot of sweat are essential. You’ll also need excellent footwear to match various HIIT activities.

Who says you can’t look super-cute while getting into shape? For more awesome ideas, check out Fabletics super-wide range of ready made outfits!

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