The Best Butt Lifting Leggings To Sculpt & Lift That Booty

With activewear continuing to hold it’s front-row position as both workout clothes and every day wear, more and more people choose it for their daily activities. As we all well know, leggings have become a wardrobe staple, ensuring comfort and flexibility during both workouts and everyday business.

Unfortunately, not every type of legging can do our curves justice. The stretchy fabric, simplified styles, and varying compression cause one of the few, but common concerns: flattened bums. Luckily, butt lifting leggings are proving to be a reliable way to smooth out imperfections or accentuate the effort you’ve been putting into those booty sculpting workouts.

Today, there is a huge variety of butt lifting leggings to choose from. While we agree that one cannot have enough leggings in their closet, finding a pair with the perfect fit, level of comfort and equally good looks will leave you happy and confident.

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Find The Best Pair of Booty Lifting Leggings

Choose a medium to max compression level

Compression enhances athletic performance and helps to visually tone up whatever body part it’s on. This is especially relevant for plus size butt lifting leggings that help to round up the derriere and smooth any uneven spots. For maximum booty lift, choose a medium to high compression level. That way there is enough compression to keep things tucked in and lifted without flattening the booty.

Look for a butt sculpting design

Butt Sculpting LeggingsWhile legging designs can vary, butt sculpting leggings may have a number of features to achieve the lift effect. For instance, look for leggings that accentuate the middle seam and the hips either with visible seams or design features like color, straps, or pockets. In some booty-lifting leggings, the fabric under the bum may be thicker: these ‘folds’ can compress areas under your butt, giving it a lift.
Image: look for design and features that accentuate curves.

Opt for a high waisted fit

Choosing a high waisted style is a must. First, it ensures that the booty shaping leggings don’t roll down during activity. Second, high waisted leggings with maximum compression levels help to keep the belly tucked in. Playing with proportions is a tried-and-true trick for highlighting the booty and visually lengthening the lower body.

Booty Lifting Leggings
High waisted leggings sit above the navel, thus holding the tummy. Lower rise leggings sit under the navel, thus giving less coverage and compression to the belly.

Check for seam durability and transparency

Something to keep in mind when buying booty lifting leggings is their quality. Do a few squats and check the fabric for any see-through areas, gaps, or rips in the seams, especially in places that will endure lots of movement and stretch (like in the middle seam on the bum).

Select high-quality fabrics for that booty lifting effect

The butt lifting effect is becoming more and more prominent in fashion. Brands are developing special high-quality fabrics that contribute to the butt-lifting effect. For instance, Fabletics carries leggings made from the Powerhold fabric, which was designed specifically to flatter the figure and achieve the butt-lifting effect.

At the end of the day, the most important feature of any legging is how you feel when you’re wearing them. Prioritize your comfort and choose the pair you feel most confident in. You’ll want to try them on in front of a mirror or with the help of a friend. We think this guide will help you get the effects you desire right away, but if not, try another pair. We try to make this as easy as possible at Fabletics with our hassle free return process.

What are the best butt lifting leggings on Fabletics?

Our Define leggings are widely known as the best booty lifting leggings we offer. Here are a few of our top picks:


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