4 Key Benefits To Running in Tights

Running in tights has fast become a popular option to boost performance for both men and women. They allow you to run with comfort in all weather conditions, and can even improve your strides.

Why Wear Running Tights?

Read on to find out the four biggest reasons why you should wear running tights.

1) A More Streamlined Stride

Running tights can give you an advantage. Specifically, they will give you a more aerodynamic silhouette. That means they reduce wind resistance and make you faster.

Plus, running in tights minimizes the chance of wardrobe malfunction or clothing distractions, which can also have a big impact on your speed.

2) Comfort

In the past, leggings were mainly worn by women, but men’s tights are becoming more and more popular, as men realize the benefits. Regardless of the gender or the type of run we enjoy, we all want to be comfortable.

Running tights don’t cause skin irritation like baggy clothing, and seamless or minimal seam designs prevent chaffing. The wider waistband ensures they fit snugly against your body and don’t ride up or down, regardless of your shape. Still, you won’t feel restricted, as they are always made with stretchy fabrics and allow complete freedom of movement.

3) Warmth & Protection from the Elements

Running in winter can be a difficult task, especially if you don’t adapt your equipment to the cold weather. Picking the wrong clothes in summer can make you overheat.

All running tights are made with fast-drying fabrics, which is a critical factor in any temperature. However, some materials are lighter and work better in the heat. Others have a thermal layer to protect you from cold conditions. Ideally, you would have a pair for both situations, to ensure you can run with comfort all year round.

Additionally, you can easily layer tights with looser pants in the winter, for added protection against the cold weather. During summer, opt for a shorter length to prevent overheating, or a pair with mesh panels and ventilation slits.

4) Compression

Not all running tights have compression. However, it is a fantastic feature if you want to boost your performance, especially if you’re a long-distance and marathon runner.

Compression tights can improve both your running efficiency and recovery. They increase your blood pressure and blood flow, allowing the muscles to work more efficiently and helping them to remove metabolic waste. Finally, compressive clothes may reduce muscle damage and speed up recovery, allowing you to run more often as you won’t feel as sore.

The Takeaway

If you’re currently shopping for running clothing, a pair of running tights should be at the top of your list. They are comfortable, flattering, and may make you run better. Keeping you warm in the winter, and staying breathable in summer, they allow you to stay on the track in any condition. Try on a couple of pairs to find the one that gives you the support and comfort you want to feel in every future run.

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