YOGA PANTS: The Only Pants Worth Wearing

Yoga pants.  They are stretchy, they are comfy, and they are everything you need them to be when you need that comfort and reliability.

Here are a few reasons yoga pants are the superior in the pants family, and why you shouldn’t knock em, til you try em!

1. Food. You can eat as much as you want without worrying about unbuttoning a top button.

Emma Stone

2.  Jeans < Yoga Pants.

Yoga Pants

3. Yoga pants inspire you to actually try yoga.

Yoga and dog

4. You can reenact the Titantic scene, but with a partner.


5. Two words.  Stretchy pants.


6. They are versatile enough to get your shopping on. go shopping

7.  They bring your girlfriends together for a nice brisk workout.


8. And of course, if Ryan Gosling loves us in our yoga pants, you bet we’re gonna wear our yoga pants!

Ryan Gosling