Sheer Leggings Become Every Girl’s Worst Nightmare

“I can totally see her **** through her yoga pants!” It’s a phrase no one wants to hear, but it’s an occurrence that’s become all too common in the ever-growing world of fitness. Whether you’ve seen it at the gym, read it in the news, or worse—had it happen to you—see-through athletic pants have been a hot topic lately, and with good reason. Fashionable fitness lovers are shelling out hundreds of dollars for luxury activewear only to have said pants expose their derrieres while in downward dog!

KHbeanie1Top companies have issued massive recalls on the affected products, insulting customers by saying that their designs were not meant for all bodies. Luckily, there’s a company whose designs are. Fabletics, a stylish line of activewear co-founded by Kate Hudson, uses their own kind of slimming compression fabric with no adverse results. Their designs are specifically made to help enhance the bodies of women of all shapes and sizes, smoothing bumps and holding in the tummy for a slimming, streamlined look that’s uber-flattering. Better yet? Fabletics offers complete, high-quality outfits (yes, a top and bottom!) starting at $49.95!

Salar CapriYou’ll feel completely comfortable in whichever outfit you choose, no matter what your workout. Each style is made with fashion-forward designs and performance-enhancing details that fit and flatter without showing any of your unspeakables. It’s never been easier (or more affordable) to stay looking great while you get your sweat on!

By becoming a VIP member with your first purchase, you’ll receive an exclusive half off discount – that’s right, your first 2-piece outfit (both top and bottom) for just $25 plus free shipping and exchanges. Move over Lululemon, HELLO Fabletics!

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