Say “Yes” To the Fabletics Dress!

We made one VIP member’s wedding dreams come true by designing a custom dress for her big day. Fabletics superfan Elizabeth Reed recently walked down the aisle in this amazing gown cut from—wait for it—PowerMesh and PowerHold fabrics. Not only making this the most comfortable wedding dress ever, but maybe the only one you can wear to a workout!

“This has to be what they mean when they say the best of times,” says newlywed Liz. “I got selected to have my wedding dress made by my favorite clothing line! It may never feel real.”

We got the bride and the team behind the dress together to talk about making her dream dress. Read on for all the details!


Elizabeth Reed, Bride

Janiece Lonvelin, Fabletics Designer

Simone Mills, Director of Apparel Engineering

Yesica Medina, Sr. Technical Designer


Why were you interested in having Fabletics design your wedding dress?

Elizabeth Reed: I absolutely adore Fabletics style and fit. I got selected to have my wedding dress custom made by my favorite clothing line!

As the Fabletics Designer, how did you start creating the dress?

Janiece Lonvelin: Liz passed us some inspiration photos and told us her favorite Fabletics pieces. I definitely took into account her personality (fun, free-spirited and energetic) and her special day—she was getting married on a cruise! I then came up with some sketches and packaged the proposal for the bride to make the final decision.

Yesica Medina: Janiece did a beautiful interpretation of a Fabletics bride using our most popular fabrics—PowerHold and PowerMesh.

Were there any challenges?

JL: I would say that working with performance fabrics was a challenge, but I quickly realized it actually wasn’t too difficult, because I work with those fabrics almost every day and I know what they’re capable of.

ER: My amazement cannot be overstated. They took fabric usually meant for stretchy pants and comfy tops and turned it into my dream wedding dress!

SM: After I got the sketches from Janiece, I did three initial prototypes of the dress. We went through two fittings with Liz.

YM: Simone did a wonderful job at creating the actual dress. As far as the fitting, we were all so excited that we all dove in and started pinning away.

What was the fitting process like?

ER: All around me they pinned and chalked and asked questions and threw out ideas. I was in awe, with a glass of bubbly in my hand and had a grin ear-to-ear. I cannot say enough nice things about Fabletics and its team!

SM: The second fitting was especially quite emotional for some of the Fabletics staff, including myself, who started to tear up thinking about her big day big day. I felt fortunate to have been part of the process.

How did the dress feel on your wedding day?

ER: It was like being hugged by a million angels! The whole day was a bit of a blur—it’s tough to remember all the compliments! I know I heard the word “gorgeous” used in reference to the dress numerous times! For those who had heard that Fabletics was involved were incredibly impressed. I think they were expecting something you’d wear to go on a hike, but in white. But no, this dress was complex and elegant and almost a direct representation of my personality!

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