Kate’s Take: Self Care Sunday

Happy Sunday. I don’t know about you, but Sundays are always the time when I take stock of the week that just passed and get ready for the week ahead. It’s a day of rest—but also a day to set intentions for what’s to come. Below are just a few ways you can do a little self care on Sundays.


Morning Stretch

I always start out my day with a morning stretch—and I often pair it with a quick mindfulness practice. Doing the two together can help to settle you, connect your body and mind, and make you feel calm and clear for the day ahead. (Bonus: you can even do a morning stretch while you’re still lying in bed.)


Sip Some Detox Tea

Whether or not you’re cleansing simultaneously, sipping on a detox tea can help strengthen the detox effect on all of your organs and your digestive system. In my book, Pretty Happy, I give you the recipe for one of my favorites, the Lemon-Ginger Detox Tea. Why not sip this as you read the paper or a magazine, catch up on your Hulu or Netflix, or just lie in bed longer.


Have Some Fun

Sunday may be the day of rest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy the world. Do something that feels good for your mind, body and soul. Maybe you and your friends are having brunch or going to a movie. Maybe you’re having a spa day. Whatever you choose, remember that being spontaneous and open will help you find pleasure and have fun.


Above all, remember to treat yourself and give yourself the care you deserve. You work hard—and Sundays should be all about taking time for YOU!