An herb garden is a fantastic way to add beauty to your home and taste to your meals. Check out our helpful tips to grow your very own herb garden this spring, YUM!

Go With Your Gut:

If you’re regularly using herbs to flavor your favorite dishes, you probably already know how most meals require only a small amount of what is available for purchase at most stores, often resulting in waste. Before you go shopping, check out what recipes you most enjoy. Love Mexican? Check out cilantro. Roasting vegetables or chicken on the regular? You’ll love what rosemary, sage, and thyme can do. Indulging in Italian? Basil, marjoram, and parsley are a must.

Scope Out Your Space:

Most herbs require some sun. Place a box or re-soil a plot outside in areas that receive the most hours of sun. If you are apartment living, find a space near a window (preferably near the kitchen!) that can hold a small box or potted plants. You’ll need to rotate your garden regularly to ensure that all areas of your plant get sun.

Grow Happy Plants:

Herbs with thicker, darker leaves will need less sun and water than bright, thin-leaved herbs. So if your place has less light, you may need to stick with herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme.. Set a reminder to water your plants regularly. When your plants need a new home, it’s time to replant so they don’t get suffocated. Make sure your pots have a place to drain into to prevent overwatering.

Going out of town? Time to harvest beforehand! We LOVE to toss chopped herbs in olive oil for a delicious addition to salads and sautés.

Happy Gardening!

Sarah Ann Corkum, Fabletics Master