8 Beach Exercises to Keep You Burning

With summer around the corner, all I can think about are beach workouts. Exercising on the sand is not only great for beautiful views, but it’s also a killer calorie-burner. I always start with a 10-minute warm-up run because running is one of the most effective exercises you can do on the sand. So c’mon! It’s time to head to the beach and do some fat-burning exercises that will get you pumped up for summer. Have fun—these glute exercises will shape your bum and get you sweating (you can thank me later!).

Before you start your workout, can I quickly mention how amazing our leggings are? The fabric is amazing and allows you to move with comfort, while hugging you in all the right places.

Grab your sunscreen, your favorite Fabletics set, and get to work!


1. 15 glute bridges with resistance band

2. 15 side fire hydrants with resistance band

3. 25 pop squats with resistance band

4. 15 donkey kicks with ankle weights

5. 25 forward and back jump squats

6. 25 split squats with weights

7. 15 deadlifts to squats to bicep curls

8. 15 push-ups to plank renegade rows

Complete four sets of each exercise!