6 Quick Arm Exercises to Tighten and Tone

Whether it’s Arm Day or Everything Day, these arm-focused exercises are a quick workout to add to your routine. Soon enough, tank tops will come back into rotation, so get a head start!



Push-ups: 10 reps

Keep your hands under your shoulders so you are in a wide position, focusing your energy on your chest.

Modification for your push-ups. Place your knees on the mat to take some of the pressure off your upper body. Make sure to keep your core strong and don’t sway your lower back.


Arm Workout

Shoulder Twist while balancing: 15 reps using 5-8 pound weights

Stand on your right foot to get some extra core work while training the shoulders. Starting with your hands facing your shoulders, bend your elbows and twist while straightening, ending with your hands facing out. Remember, balancing on one leg during this upper body series engages your core to the max.


Arm exercises

Lateral Raise with balance: 12 reps using 5 pound weights

Stand on your left foot and start with your arms by your side, lifting them to a T position. Make sure you don’t go higher than your shoulders. Keep your elbows straight and use opposition as you lift your arms to shoulder level.


Arm exercises

Reverse Flies: 15 reps using 8 pound weights

Spread open your chest, focus out and have a slight arch in your lower back. Keep a slight bend in your knees the whole time for support.


Arm workout

Bicep Curls up against wall: 10-15 reps using 8-10 pound weights

Keeping your back flat against the wall eliminates any swing in your arms, which adds an extra challenge. Also, keep a bend in your knees and energy in your heels.


Arm Exercises

Tricep Dips: 20 reps

Keep the energy in your heels and fingertips pointing towards your glutes. Elbows shoot straight back as they bend. Last but not least, keep that core strong the whole time. Tip: you can perform these on your yoga mat or on a bench for more of a challenge.


Repeat 3x

Ashley Godby, Fabletics Master